How to Run A Successful Cross-Channel Remarketing Campaign

As a healthcare professional you are more than likely always looking for ways to bring in more patients. And since you know we now live in a digital world, some of the best marketing strategies are to focus all of your advertising online. But, alas, you’ve have tried several campaigns, and didn’t receive the results you were hoping too. Reason would dictate that you stop and try another method besides online advertising. But, what if we told you that it’s very possible to run a successful cross-channel remarketing campaign by just following a few simple tricks of the trade? In fact, recent studies have shown that site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to return and convert on your website that visitors who are never retargeted. In this article we will give you an overview of how you can successfully utilize a remarketing campaign, and help bring in new clients to your place of business.


Step 1: Learn About Audiences You Can Target with Remarketing

Website Visitors

There are several different types of audiences you can retarget through a campaign. The first we’ll talk about are, your website visitors. In this demographic the most common method for remarketing people who’ve been to your site is by using cookies. By targeting people who’ve already been to your site, this gives you a solid base of prospects that are already familiar with who you are.

Interested Searchers

Targeting this audience allows you to extend your reach beyond your site visitors and reach those who have shown interest in your services by specifically searching for them. This audience tends to have a high purchase intent, but just may not have seen or clicked on your ad. By reaching out to this audience even when they are not actively searching, you increase your chance to help them choose your place of business and build brand awareness.

Specific User Lists

This audience is made up of the people who have expressed interest in you at some point by signing up for an email newsletter or digital coupon. This method of targeting is especially effective when it comes to trying to get repeat business, or build awareness with potential patients who had expressed interest before, just never followed through.

Lookalike Audiences

These audiences are the people who have probably never heard of you, or seen an ad. But, their browser and user history shows they have an interest in your type of business. Google and Facebook are especially known for doing this, which is why you always see ads of companies who you’ve never heard of before, but have products that coincide with other things you’ve purchased or searched for. This method is great when you are trying to reach new people and build awareness amongst those who’ve never heard of you before.


HyperLocal Consumers

This audience is fairly straightforward. They are those ones that are closest to you in physical proximity rather than found through online activity. This group is especially important in the healthcare industry, because it’s normally locals who will end up using your services.

Part 2: Where You Can Target Your Audience

This part is actually very straightforward and simple. The best places to target when doing a remarketing camping are mobile apps, social media (primarily Facebook), Pinterest, and Contextually Relevant Sites & Content. Which, in Lehman’s terms means you run your ads near and on pages where the content lines up with your healthcare practice.


Part 3: How You Can Improve Remarketing Results

Again, this isn’t complicated. By doing simple things such as leveraging compelling offers in your ads, driving engagements in fresh creative ways, and measuring remarketing campaign conversions. (You can measure a marketing campaign by using tools to track your ad campaign results and see how effective they are.) You can successfully build and run a remarketing campaign that is guaranteed to bring you success.

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